Both counselling and consulting services are available at Elder Matters to support corporate and individual clients.

Counselling services are available for:

  • People experiencing the diverse challenges of ageing, including: loss, grief and bereavement, family conflict, elder care responsibilities, health and capacity challenges, loneliness and isolation, carer stress, transition to residential care, and elder abuse.
  • Individuals and their families living with dementia (including younger onset dementia) and/or other chronic illnesses.
  • Residents of aged care facilities and/or their families.
  • Individuals and couples contemplating or experiencing a transition to retirement.

A diagnosis of dementia can create unspeakable loss and grief within a family. Accessing emotional support through counselling at the time of diagnosis and as the condition progresses can provide invaluable support for the person diagnosed and their loved ones as they face a difficult journey.

Counselling can happen either individually, with two people/couples or through group sessions - according to the circumstances and preferences of each individual client.  Please phone Trish Carroll on 0408452663 during business hours to discuss access to counselling services.

HOME VISITS are available for people who are not well enough or for some reason cannot arrange or access transport to come to the clinic for an appointment.